The Ashram is located in Rampura village of Rewari district of the state Haryana in India nearly 100 kms from Delhi. The easiest way of paying a visit to the Ashram is by bus or car from Delhi. One can also reach Rewari by train & then to the Ashram by rickshaw.

In the Ashram there is a big pond called 'Ramsarovar' around which there are small cottages. A big Satsang-Bhawan stands near this Ramsarovar. In this Satsang-Bhawan a beautiful idol of Shri Maharaj ji is placed on the Shri Samadhi which makes one feel as if Sh. Maharajji is sitting & preaching his devotees.

Shri Maharaj ji founded another Bhagwad Bhakti Ashram in Jind district of Haryana state in India. This Ashram can also be paid a visit by traveling in train or bus to Jind. Jind is about 130 kms from Delhi.

For a tour of the Ashram in Rewari please visit the Videos Section.