Shri Maharaj ji, ever since He first blessed Rao Sahab (the then jamidar of Rampura Riyasat) in 1907, did a lot of public welfare work until He left His physical body in 1936. Shri Maharaj ji loved nature a lot. The plants in the Ashram could be seen weeping, whenever Shri Maharaji would travel out of the Ashram for some days. This fact has been asserted by many people who lived in the Ashram at that time.

Nobody has any clue about the age of Shri Maharajji, because the earlier life of Sh. Maharajji, except that He spent a major part of His life in austerity before He first blessed Rao sahab, is not known to anybody. Though once in Shimla, some doctors said that the type of bones Shri Maharaj ji had, belonged to the people of 16th century !

Shri Maharaj ji incorporated one 'Upper India Blind Relief Association' this association started conducting eye operations in India. Later when Shri Maharaj ji left his body, the name of the association was changed to 'Sant Parmanand Blind Relief Mission' this mission started one hospital in Delhi. Today, after seven decades of its incorporation, it stands as Sant Parmanand Hospital at shamnath marg in Delhi.

Every human-wish, resolved with full conviction & followed by hard-work, is fulfilled, this is what Shri Maharajji, besides much more, used to preach the devotees through His discourses. At the same time however, He would advice the devotees to well consider the impact of any such wish with regard to country, society & religion.

Shri Maharajji would know every happening in advance. An incident took place in the year 1930. The Satyagraha Movement of Mahatma Gandhi was going on at full force. Vitthal Bhai Patel, the elder brother of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, came to have the darshan of Shri Maharaj Ji during that period. The late Shri Vitthal Bhai had great respect for Shri Maharaj Ji. He said to Shri Maharaj Ji: “Maharaj Ji, it seems we are going to gain the independence.” Shri Maharaj Ji asked: “How so?” Shri Vitthal Bhai said: “With this Satyagraha Movement.” Shri Maharaj Ji categorically asserted: “No.” This was a time in the life of a nation, when everybody was quite hopeful that we could become a free nation any day. Shri Vitthal Bhai was quite disheartened by the reply of Shri Maharaj Ji and asked him: “Maharaj Ji, so you don’t foresee us gaining the independence?” Shri Maharaj Ji replied: “When did I say that the people wouldn’t achieve independence? But we are not going to gain independence right now. This freedom wouldn’t be achieved by your efforts.” Shri Vitthal Bhai asked: “Then when shall we get it? And how?” Shri Maharaj Ji replied: “There will be another war with Germany. The British people shall win that war, as well. But, they shall become so weak that they wouldn’t be able to rule India. On account of that, they will have to leave India and thus give her independence. But the area up to Lahore shall go into the hands of the Muslims.” The history of 1947 bears testimony to the truthfulness of each and every statement.

Here is another example of this - Once, an astrologer made a few predictions and published them in book form under the title CHETAAVANEE’ (Forewarning). He wrote that the Sat Yuga (The Age of Truth) would dawn in the next nine years. A devotee with a copy of Chetaavanee, went to Shri Maharaj Ji and read for him the things written in that book. After hearing all that, Shri Maharaj Ji advised the devotee to tell the writer that the Sat Yuga is not going to dawn in next nine years. The devotee asked: “When is it going to dawn then?” Shri Maharaj Ji replied: “It shall dawn after the year 2030 or 2040.” Shri Maharaj Ji meant the Vikram Era and not the Christian era, which would be 1973 or 1983. Somebody from among the people present there asked: “Maharaj Ji, what about the date?” Shri Maharaj Ji said: “Bhaaee! There is no date for that. It can dawn at any moment after that time.” Somebody then raised a question: “Maharaj Ji, if somebody wants to see such a Sat Yuga, then what should that person do?” Shri Maharaj Ji replied: “That person should do the japa of the Gayatri Mantra. Those who will carry out the Gayatri Mantra worship shall get to see the Sat Yuga.” One man expressed his doubt: “Maharaj Ji, right now we are passing through the first period of the Kali Age. That Sat Yuga, in that case, would come only after thousands of years.” Answering that man, Shri Maharaj Ji said: “These Yugas have their intervening periods. As during Sat Yuga, in the time of the appearance of Hiranyakashipu, a kind of Kali Age had also come briefly as an intervening period during the major reign of Sat Yuga.”

More details about Shri Maharaj Ji are available in the book The Amazing Grace.