The following books are available

Press the link You Tube channel to watch श्री परमानंद स्मृति कण .

The Amazing Grace - is a complete book about Shri Maharajji. See in Hindi as श्री परमानंद स्मृति कण.

Sadachar - the last discourse by Shri Maharaj ji. Same discourse Also available in hindi as सदाचार.

Gayatri - simple and detailed meaning of gayatri By Shri Maharaj ji. Also available in hindi as गायत्री.

Discourses - the ultimate knowledge in very simple words by Shri Maharajji. Also see in Hindi as उपदेश.

Stories - some beautiful tales directed by Shri maharajji. These are also available in Hindi as कहानियाँ.

अमरकथा - A beautiful tale directed by Shri maharajji, available in Hindi only अमरकथा