Shri Maharaj ji used to deliver the discourses. There wasn't a fixed time or place for His discourses. Whenever & wherever Shri Maharaj ji started, the devotees would gather around to be blessed by His teachings. Devotees would keep listening to the discourses for hours without worrying about time. Even then their daily routines remained unaffected. This fact has been asserted by many people.

Here are some of his discourses available for downloading and for reading as well.

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The Prayer

हिंदी में भी देखें

Oh God! I belong to you. I have surrendered myself to thou feet. I bow to thou feet and I want thou help. Oh God! please inspire me to keep myself away from doing any thing against thou wish. Please bless me so that I always remember that thou wish is ultimate and my wish stands no where. I again pray with my heart that you please open my eyes of wisdom so that I can understand the reality.

The Truth

हिंदी में भी देखें

Sacred name of Lord Ram is true; truth is also the gateway for liberation. Ajagar (name of serpent) thought, he would eat Krishna and would easily digest him. But when daggers started doing rounds in Ajagar's stomach, Ajagar was finished like a cracker and Lord Krishna remained safe. Is it possible for you to eat, suppress and hide the truth? This truth does not spare any body. When Yadavas (descendant of Lord Krishna) started teasing the truth and later got it mixed with earth, it grew again and finished Krishna along with Yadavas and the entire Dwarika (a city where Sh. Krishna lived) got submerged in water.

Oh My dear! to remain under the control of your senses is to die being dependent. You are true-self, but you need to recognize this fact. When you recognize your real nature, you will come to know that how sun is shining, wind is blowing and sea is dancing out of your fear. When you get enlightened, your entire body gets fulfilled with the light of truth, as the light in phanoos (lots of lamp shades put together) does.

The War

हिंदी में भी देखें

The most needed virtuous deed for human beings is self recognition. Real austerity for human beings is to control the senses. But it can be made possible only when human beings recognize their weaknesses. There is always a fight going on within us between the gods & demons. The demons look for the weaker habits in one's nature and attack. Sorrow, lust, anger and so many others can be weaker habits in various types of human beings. Those who don't recognize themselves are also unable to recognize their weaknesses and thus can't control their senses.

One is supposed to follow the religion for the sake of religion and not for the sake of rituals. The main aim of human life should not be to achieve worldly pleasure. The essence of religion is to keep oneself free from all types of bondages. The human life, on every moment is a war; a fight is going on between divine forces and evil forces. In this war, sometimes evil forces attack in the form of problems and sometimes in some other way. But no one should ever deviate from the path of virtuous deeds.

The Surrender

हिंदी में भी देखें

If you have any good or bad imagination about Brahman (the supreme self), considering Brahman separate from an individual soul, don't imagine like this. In fact all of us are Brahman, but this fact needs to be realized. Our 'self' should be understood similar to deity 'Sun' over taken by clouds. As we are able to see the Sun-shine when sky is clear of clouds, similarly our true and shining 'self' is realized when the clouds of ignorance are removed. So everybody must try and remove the ignorance, which has over taken our 'self'. Now how to remove ignorance?

Prayer is effective only when performed along with surrender. If surrender is not there, prayer is meaningless and is unable to produce any results. Unless you surrender your ego to God, you can't imagine being with God, rather it's going to be an uphill task. You will find him only when you develop the habit of forgiving those, who are known to be your enemies, are known to be in your opposition and are known to be bad people in this world, in as much time as river Gangs takes in taking a particle with it and a ray of Sun takes in clearing the darkness.

Don't be appreciative for possessing experience of life, beauty, health, wealth, intelligence and similar other qualities. Always avoid attachment, aversion and making groups against each other. Always admire earth for its tolerance power. Spend your life with childishness of children, enthusiasm of youths and maturity of elders along with love towards all.

Don't hang on to the poor thoughts. Whenever there is crisis, face it with courage and remain happy. Take this world like a beautiful painting. This would help you become firm and nothing would affect you. Instead of worldly pleasure, firmly believe in God.

It is good to serve others, this is also what makes mind pure and as a result God who is present within everyone is realized. Expansion of forgiveness, kindness, peace, cleanliness and meditation is life and if all the above are shrinking, it leads to death. The presence of love increases expansion and presence of selfishness decreases expansion. So love is the only basis of life and that is why all of us should unconditionally love each-other.

That act which slowly purifies your mind and produces Brahman thoughts, is the only right act. You should always try to become donor and should always be ready to donate everything, but should not expect anything in return. You should love, help and serve others in every possible way, but beware of expecting anything in return. You should consider the country, the time, and the personal needs before under taking any assignment.

The good, bad, rich and poor are different waves of the same sea which is 'Brahman'. These waves have the same sea (Brahman) dancing in them. When you start considering different living beings as the different waves of Brahman, your heart would get purified and the fire of attachment and aversion would soon be seen leaving you alone to make your reunion possible with supreme Lord.

Sea without any sort of activity is Brahman, and the same sea, when waves are there, is seen under the influence of Maya. In the very same way mind without thoughts is Brahman and the same mind under the influence of Maya is seen producing different types of thoughts.

After going through the above lines, it is clear that Brahman is not separate from any individual soul (Jiva). But is present within every individual, and needs to be realized, there is no other way to access Brahman. Efforts suggested above can be useful in attaining realization of Brahman. There is also one beautiful syllable in this regard.

"Idam tIrtham idam tIrtham bhramante tAmsA janAh, Atma tIrtham na jAnanti katham moksh varAnane."

[Meaning- Those who are roaming here and there in search of holy places, are not aware of the same within themselves in the form of their 'self'. What about the liberation of such poor people?]In another under written discourse namely ‘The Practice of Meditation & Breath Control’ the different ways of purification of mind are described.

The Resolution

हिंदी में भी देखें

Every creature of this world either gross or living is innovated only when resolved. Whatever the resolutions are, the same could be seen in the form of this world. In other words, resolution is world. The way human beings resolve, the same they become. As it is said ----

"Sati saktonaroyAti, sadbhAvam hyEk nishthayA.

kItako bhramarIm dhyAyan bhramaratv kalpate."

As the insect meditating upon the large bee [the bee continuously produces buzzing sound] becomes like it. The same way, one who meditates upon Brahman with faith, becomes Brahman. That is why all of us need to meditate very carefully and regularly upon Brahman. A saint has very beautifully said ------

Jo man nari ki oar niharat, to man hot hai nari ke roopa.

Jo man kahoo se krodh kare, tab krodh mayi ho jaaye tadroopa.

Jo man maaya hi maaya rate nit, to man doobat maaya ke koopa.

Sundar jo man Brahman vicharat, to man hot hai Brahman svaroopa.

[Meaning of above lines is that the mind, continuously involved in women-thoughts, leads that way and the mind always involved in firing others, becomes full of anger and irritation and the mind keeps thinking about worldly affairs, finds itself surrounded in the world. But the beautiful mind which keeps meditating upon Brahman becomes Brahman itself.]

Have patience & keep control on yourself. It is necessary to have patience for the overall betterment of life. A wise person gets always ready to stop living happy life, if it leads to increased happiness in future. Not only this, but he gets ready to face all miseries in order to have better life in future. (I think accepting miseries means accepting struggle in life. All of us are bound to struggle while achieving our objectives - translator). One who remains busy satisfying senses, is not fit to live better life in future.

The aim of the life should be to leave duality and go back to the origin where from we emerged in this world. In other words we should try to merge with Brahman, we have emerged from. This should be the only goal of life. Good deeds alone can't take us to this goal, but this is the initial stage, and is followed by thoughts. Even the thoughts alone can't take us to God, but to a certain extent we keep thoughts with us and then we even stop thinking. This is like leaving a ladder after reaching up to a certain height. Same way we need to stop thinking & stop doing anything after achieving a desired state. Beyond this state our deeds & thoughts are not allowed. The final objective of merging with God is achieved by meditation & devotion. This state eliminates the difference of duality, which was present at the time of thoughts and deeds. After achieving this state, one does not treat oneself separate from God. One gets merged with God after doing a long austerity. As a small drop of water, which is separated from the sea by the rays of Sun, gets merged in the sea after a long wandering.

This state is blessed by God and is not the result of efforts by human beings. So whatever we can do in the love of God is very little. All the creatures on this universe are crying for that one almighty God. All the beautiful things of this world definitely suggest that there has to be a more beautiful power to create all these beautiful things.

The Mind

हिंदी में भी देखें

[Once Sh. Maharajji blessed a discourse based on Vedanta. Through this Maharajji gave a message that it is only the Mind which makes human beings do good or bad deeds. That is why Sh. Maharajji directed the devotees to try and make their minds purely resolved. A lot more is there in this discourse, let us go through it]

"Om yat jagrato dUrmudaIti devam tadusuptasya tathaIveti.

dUrangman jyotishAm jyotirekam tanme manah shivsankalpamastu."

I pray Lord Shiva to make that mind of mine purely-resolved, which wanders anywhere around the world within a moment, both in waking and dreaming states, and is also the effulgent self of all human beings.

Om yen karmaanyapasho manishiNo yajne Krinvanti Viditheshu DhIrah.
YatpUrvam Yakshamantah Prajanaam tanme manah shivsankalpamastu.

I pray Lord Shiva to make that mind of mine purely-resolved, which is all pervading and is used by the intellectuals, philosophers, respected people and by all those who wonder.

Om yatpragyaanmut chetodhritishchayjjyotirantarmritam prijaasu.
yasmaan rite kinchankarmakriyate tanme manah shiv sankalpamastu.

I pray Lord Shiva to make that mind of mine purely-resolved, which is the immortal inner-self of all the human beings and resides within all of them in the form of intellect and patience, and also without which no deed is possible to perform.

Om yenedam bhUtam bhuvanam bhavishyatparigrihItammriten sarvam.
yen yagyatsayate saptahota tanme manah shiv sankalpamastu.

I pray Lord Shiva to make that mind of mine purely-resolved, which can come to know about past, present and future in a moment, which is also the instrumental in elimination of seven sensual pleasures.

Om yesminnrichah sAmyanjupiyasminpratishthitArathanAbhAvivArAh.
yasmishchittagvamsarvamotamprajAnAm tanme manah shiv sankalpamastu.

I pray Lord Shiva to make that mind of mine purely-resolved, which has Rhigveda, SAmveda, Yajurveda and Atharveda right in the manner as the spokes of a wheel are placed collectively in the centre of it and which also has the knowledge about materialistic world and ultimate truth in it.

Om sushaArathirashvAniv yanmanushyAnnenIyateabhIshubhirvAjina iva.
Hritpratishtham yadajiram javishtham tanme manah shiv sankalpamastu.

I pray Lord Shiva to make that mind of mine purely-resolved, which inspires all the living beings the way a capable chariot driver controls the horses, which can also roam around very fast. It resides in the hearts of all the living beings and is unfazed by death and misery.

Now let us know 'Mind' in detail-----

Maha-Maya, the manifestation power of God to create the world, gets merged with her husband, which is God, at the end of Kalpa (the total age of this creation as told in Veda) and enjoys his company. Afterwards she (Maha-Maya) gives birth to a son who is none other than pure-mind. Now with the help of Lord Shiva, she makes her son (the Mind) to resolve purely and to create a city of nine gates which is human body. She appoints her son (the Mind), the ruler of this city (the human body). She (Maha-Maya) starts sending vibrations to this human-body. These vibrations produce two types of waves in the mind. First one is Prabritti (to enjoy sense pleasure), which creates demons such as lust, anger, greed, ego and others, and second one is Nibritti (to renounce sense pleasure), which creates deities such as power of discrimination, renunciation and others. That is exactly how the world is manifested. The way one resolves, same way the world is manifested. The mind having lust desire is known as impure mind & the mind without lust desire is known as pure mind. That is why it has been said------

"Man ev manushyAnAm kAranam bandh mokchayo.

BaddhAy vishayAsaktam muktyainirvishayam smritam."

Meaning of the above syllable from Geeta suggests that it is only the mind which makes human beings feel bond-aged or liberated. The mind involved in lust desire is known to be the cause of bond-age and the mind keeps itself away from lust desire is known to be the cause of liberation. That is why one should try to meditate upon one's self and should keep itself away from sense pleasure. This is the supreme state of a human being.

It is mind which is also known as ego, intellect and chitta. It is also true that the mind vibrates in both waking & dreaming states. So scriptures say -------

"Yatha svapn mayo jIvo jAyate mriyateapi ch.

Tatha jIvo amI sarve bhavanti na bhavanti ch."

This syllable suggests that as all the living and non-living beings of dreaming state get eliminated during the dreaming state only, so is with all the living and non-living beings of this waking state, these exist and not as well. That means these are all seen by Maya (the manifestation power of God). Further more has been said-----

"Svapn mAye yathA drishte gandharv nagaram yathA.

tathA vishvamidam drishtam vedanteshu vichakchnai."

As the imagined city is seen in the dreaming state under the influence of Maya, so is with waking state, this world is seen under the influence of Maya (the power of manifestation). It has been told like this in Veda. That is why it is said-----

"Na nirodho nachotpatti baddho na cha sAdhakah.

Na mumukchurn vaimukto ityeshA parmarthatA."

The world neither is fabricated nor is dissolved. Nobody is bond-aged or liberated. So how-come the question of liberation arises. It is all due to the thoughts of mind. This is also the deepest knowledge.

Now with the above written facts it is proven that only mind drives the human beings either ways. If one's mind is pure, one starts seeing that way and one who has impure mind, sees everything otherwise. The way one resolves, exactly same the world is seen. So everybody must try and resolve to have pure mind.

Once Yagyavalka discoursed Janaka and said that it is only the purified mind which is called the soul, the subtle body and the effulgent self of every human being. It is again the mind which repeatedly takes birth with different bodies and enjoys the results of its previous acts by accepting the religion of that body.

[That is why every saint has emphasized to help others, to do meditation and to have the company of evolved people. This makes the mind peaceful, and God is always accessible to all those who are at peace.]

The Creation

हिंदी में भी देखें

After taking birth in this world, the individual soul asks, 'who am I, where have I come from and what is going to be my end'? It further asks about this world,' where from this world has emerged, what exactly is it and whether the creator of it is part of this world or is separate from this world? If it is not from this world then what exactly is its real nature? Are we living our life in the context of this world only or some other supreme power is there which controls our life'? These and such other thoughts can't be understood with our senses. In fact there is only one truth which always remains same among all of us including the entire creation and that is Brahman (the ultimate truth).

For those who are unable to see beyond this world of illusion, there are two things in this materialistic world, light & darkness these are also known as fire & earth and man & woman. The entire world is created with the union of these two things.

The present visible creation has a big fire in its centre. It is the place of main god. It is also surrounded by many circles filled with light and darkness, and then there is a wall of fire at the end of these circles. There seems to be a light of bliss.

Our knowledge is limited to our experiences. We can even fly above the height of stars but we can never come out of the thoughts of our experiences. These experiences can be of two types, which are experienced by our senses and which are imagined by our self. Former experiences give the knowledge of visible outer world. In such type of experiences we are dependent. Like when we open our eyes. It is not in our control to see or to avoid something; because once our eyes are open we are bound to see the creation. In latter experiences we can imagine any thought we wish. We can imagine being some where. We can imagine being with some one. We can even imagine whatever we have ever thought about. But the latter experiences are experienced by humans only. Other types of Jeeva (individual soul) in the world can't imagine. This is a sort of unique power we humans have been blessed with by God. So we are supposed to have a sense of gratitude towards our creator. We should not spend our life without achieving our main objective and that is to get merged with our source.

The Practice of Meditation & Breath Control

हिंदी में भी देखें

[Prior to 1936 Sh. Mahaaraaj ji through his discourses used to ask devotees to practice meditation and try to control the breath regularly. For the benefit of human beings these discourses are being re-produced here.]

(1) Practice to see the golden light of effulgent-self and light-self in the area where two of your eye-brows are separated (called Dasham-dvaar or Trikuti) with your eyes closed forcefully. You should also try to bring that one supreme Lord in your thoughts. It is only that one Lord existing every where and nothing else is there. One should think like this. This thinking, even for a while, leads to the path of liberation.

(2) Arrange to sit with your folded lags (called Padmaasana) or the way you feel like, keep your body straight and breathe out very slowly and peacefully. Imagine surrendering your life to the holy feet of that one almighty Lord while holding your breath out. After a while when you begin to feel uneasy in holding your breath out for long, take a long deep breath in and chant the syllable 'Om Allaahu, Om Allaahu' mentally while holding your breath within. Now again when you feel uneasy in holding your breath for long, breath it out very slowly and peacefully. Repeat it for minimum of three, seven to maximum of twenty one times.

(3) Practice to fill different parts of your body while breathing in. Meditate upon heart while filling it in breast, meditate upon navel while filling it in stomach and meditate upon God while doing it for other parts of the body. You energize all the parts of your body by doing this. You won't even feel cold while doing this.

(4) Chant syllable 'Om Soham' in your mind along with your breath while sitting in a forest or in any similar lonely place. Follow the procedure higher to highest and lower to lowest while doing this. Chant 'Om' while breathing in and chant 'Soham' while breathing out. Thus your breath seems chanting the syllable 'om soham'.

A mother provides her child with a small mango to play. The child, as most of the children do, takes it to mouth and sucks it repeatedly. The repeated sucking of mango brings the mango-juice out and the juice spreads all over the child. The child deeply enjoys it and forgets her mother and every other thing. Same way mother Shruti (Veda) provides Jiva (Individual soul) with a fruit in the form of syllable 'Om-Soham'. The Jiva plays with this fruit by chanting it repeatedly in a lonely place. The repeated chanting produces the juice in the form of permanent bliss. The Jiva deeply enjoys this permanent bliss and forgets about other worldly pleasures.

Out of 8.4 million births the best is human life. So it is really a big loss if one does not acquire the true knowledge even after being blessed with this human body. This human body itself is Devalaya (temple). It is actually your purified-self which is lord Shiva and to remove the darkness of ignorance is Shiv-worship. That is why 21620 breaths in a day should be used to meditate upon Lord-Shiva by chanting the syllable 'Om-Soham' considering our own self as Lord-Shiva. This is what makes the Individual soul liberated. This is also what makes the human body filled with the light of true knowledge to clear the darkness of ignorance. That is the time when Jiva (Individual Soul) gets liberated and enjoys being in the purified-self.

(5) In human body there is a formation of thin nerves at the centre-point between the root of penis and anus. These thin nerves collectively form a lotus-flower shape known as Kundalini (formation having special powers). The yogis have described it to have an equivalent light of many suns and moons. This is also known as the place of deity Ganesha.

This place should be pressed with heel of left foot while sitting in the meditation posture by keeping both the legs crossed. The body along with the neck should be kept straight. Now one should meditate upon Agya-Chakra (the place between the eye brows). The fire of knowledge is produced by this and as a result the nectar starts falling from Brahma-Randhra (the upper part of the human-head). This makes the impure cough to flow out through the eyes and the nose of human body.

The long and repeated sittings of this meditation help the seekers to purify their minds and activate Kundalini to realize these hidden powers. This is also known as Kundalini-Jagaran (enables human beings to realize some extra ordinary qualities).

(6) To achieve the state of supreme bliss, first of all you need to select a permanent neat & clean place to sit & meditate daily. Now you should meditate upon the picture of your Guru at least for half an hour before start meditating upon mid point between two of your eye brows (Dasham-Dwar) with forcefully closed eyes, followed by closed ears with the help of your fingers to meditate upon your right ear. This meditation enables you to listen different sort of sounds in your right ear which are otherwise produced by large bee, by different birds, by Jhingur (a sort of insect) and chaikula (a sort of bird). Sound of temple bell is also there if all the sounds are given careful attention.

This is the state of Shabd-Naad (word-sound). In this state, those waves of mind which collectively reside in Brahmrandhra (upper portion of human-head) when directed by heart, are eliminated with the effect of Shabd-Naad when blessed by mother Bhavani also known as intelligent. This meditation changes human-desire to God-desire. This is also what removes the clouds of ignorance from the minds of all the human beings to make them able to attain self-realization.

In the second state, tiny atoms of red, blue and yellow colours along with some other colours can be seen acquiring different beautiful shapes. This is followed by the light of stars, and by this time the Shabd-Naad is no more experienced. This state makes Jiva tempted to speak only truth. Again there seems spreading a fogy & white effulgent, followed by a very light and thin sound of flute and Veena (an instrument played with the help of strings), hearing which the Jiva leaves this fort of seven layers in the form of this human-body and attains the form of God.

[Apart from this, once Sh. Maharaj ji composed one poem on meditation. Sh. Maharaj ji was at a place namely Shahkalandar in Panipat at that time. He was forced by some Saanees to recite some thing. Accepting the request Sh. Maharaaj ji composed the poem. When the people there got the high state of meditation described in this poem, they started honouring Sh. Maharaj ji much more than what they used to do earlier. We are trying to incorporate the poem here for the devotees.]

The Vedanta Philosophy

हिंदी में भी देखें

Whatever different things are seen in this world are not different in fact. But these are originated from one source. That source is called Brahman (the reality). It is the pure consciousness and the pure knowledge. It is that knowledge by applying which we try to know about him. So Brahman himself is knowledge. He is nirguna (who can't be attributed). It's only Brahman everywhere. There is nothing in him. That's why he can't be described and is nirguna. But now the question arises, if that reality is one and nothing else is there, then how & from where this world has been created? In which we also have our own separate entity. The answer says there is one power with Brahma from the very beginning that is also known as illusion (maya) or nescience (avidya). Brahman has created this whole world with this power. This power is neither sat (reality) because reality is only Brahman nor is asat (unreal) because it manifests this world. The fact is that as one magician manifests so many gross and conscious things with his magical power, although these are all illusion, the same way Brahman also manifests this world with his maya (illusion). So this world is also an illusion.

Illusion is that power of Brahman (the dweller in the atom) which can't be described separately. Illusion under the control of Brahman has been shown in different forms. These different forms constitute this world. These things and even the smallest thing in this world which can be gross or conscious is the result of this power and is illusion. Thus the source for all these things is Brahman. Now we understand that Brahman is the cause and the effect for this creation. Briefly we can say that all the creatures in this world, with life or without life have one similarity in them that is Brahman as their power of existence. So this entire difference, by which this world is manifested, is not real. So being under the influence of ignorance, we don't know our reality and use to say, I am weak, I am sad, I am blind, I was born in such and such year, now I have become old aged and I will die soon. It's because of mistaken identity that instead of Brahman (the abode of all things) we use to recognize our self as per our names and other designations given in this world.

So this self which is pure, real knowledge and infinite in nature becomes less knowledgeable and less powerful, becomes doer and enjoyer. Scores merits and demerits and enjoys good and bad results. Until the end of this world, this self also takes birth repeatedly; it acts and enjoys the results. At the end of kalpa (according to Hindu scriptures, the total age of the world), God puts this creation to an end by withdrawing its power, which is there in form of illusion. So until Brahman again creates the world, these souls get a sound sleep. But desires of previous births are still not destroyed. These souls start taking births when Brahman creates the world from the beginning. This process will continue to happen in future as it had continued in past. It's called sansar (world). This sansar exists till the true knowledge is not achieved. When the real knowledge is achieved or human recognizes its self, the world comes to an end. While not existing for enlightened people, it exists for all those who have not yet achieved the true knowledge.

The process by which, one can achieve the true knowledge has been explained in Veda (ancient sacred literature, which explain and regulate every aspect of life from supreme reality to worldly affairs).Two paths have been told in Veda. One is Karma (deeds) and the other is Gyana (knowledge). Whatever greatness can be there in our karmas, but karmas will not be sufficient in taking us to our source. The result of these karmas has to be enjoyed here in this world only. The path of Gyana (knowledge) has two further paths, one is the knowledge of Brahman to the extent it is relevant to this world. In which different qualities of Brahman are told, this contents discourses on Hiranyagarbha, God etc. This is known as Saguna (with attributes) worship. By this way the soul is not liberated, but departs to Brahman Loka (suppose to be the place of Brahman) after leaving the body and remains there for quite some time. Although the age and powers of the soul are increased many a fold and at last after getting the knowledge of Nirguna (without attributes), it is finally liberated and gets merged with Brahman.

In the other path, the true & pure form of Brahman is described to be Nirguna (without attributes) & the pure-self of an individual is also described to be the form of Brahman, though all the individual selves are Brahman, but due to the darkness of ignorance the people don't realize this fact. Those who come to understand this fact & start treating their individual self as Brahman get liberated at that very moment. They get themselves freed from the clutches of illusion. They become enlightened, reality is known to them and they start believing that there is nothing but Brahman every where. This is the law of non duality (advait). This should be the main aim of human life. That is why God has blessed this human body.

The Amazing Facts

हिंदी में भी देखें

When we find ourselves surrounded by this creation, we are forced to think about who created this universe and why it has been created. It is known to be the creation of God and is meant to make us enjoy the results of our previous acts (karmas) so that we can think of God, understand his greatness, treat this world as an illusion and be non-attached to it. Also, by remembering God throughout our lives for his amazing creation, we may merge in him at last. But when we see different types of miseries and sorrows, our spontaneous reaction is to wonder why God created all this. It would have been much better for him to avoid all this and rest in peace and also allow the individual souls to rest in peace.

But being afraid of our remark, we think that God's power to assume an extensive form, his power of illusion and his play is endless. This power of God can not be understood by Veda (the ancient sacred literature of Hindus), sage, seer and gods. His knowledge is like a sea and that of us is like kulhva (a small vessel made of sand). How can the entire sea be placed in kulhva? How can the powers of such God, who is beyond senses, mind and speech, be understood by our knowledge?

But based on experiences and the teachings of some sacred texts we conclude that in many Individual souls, and particularly in humans, there are different types of people. Some of them can be handicapped, poor, miserable, blind, speechless, mentally retarded, not good looking etc while some others can be physically fit, rich, happy, with sharp memory, good looking etc. There seem to be a lot of differences among the human beings. Why do such differences exist among these human beings? If these are taken to be the results of previous acts of different human beings, like whatever good or bad they did in their respective previous births, then they are enjoying the results of those deeds as miseries or happiness. Individuals who performed charity and imparted happiness to others are enjoying happiness, and those who did the opposite are enjoying otherwise.

Now the question is that if our previous karmas (acts) would have been known to us, none of us would have indulged in doing any sort of misdeeds, rather individuals would be seen doing every good deed possible in order to avoid misery. Unless there is a judgment with proof, one can't be declared a criminal. Similarly, it would have been much better for God to first make us understand our good or bad deeds and then accordingly He could have made us enjoy good or bad results.

One Islamic cleric was asked 'who manifested this world?' He replied 'Khuda Tala'. He was again asked 'why He made some people happy and others miserable, if everybody is equal for Him?' The answer was 'There are lines made by him. Happy people and miserable people keep walking in these lines and by seeing each other they become miserable and happy. That is all. I don't know anything more'. Once a Xian cleric was also asked 'when you don't believe in rebirth then who manifested this world?' He replied 'God'.

But the question of making people miserable, happy, poor, rich, handicap, beautiful, good and bad is still there. Why God does it like this? If he does it without considering the previous acts of people, he can't be impartial. If it would have been God behind the different types of sufferings and happiness of people, why all the scriptures and saints would have asked people to always remain involved in doing well to others.

Had it been the God behind making people miserable and happy, those who work against it would have been punished by the God, as it happens in the case of a person who try to get the prisoners free and is seen as an accused in the eyes of law, but on the contrary they are blessed for heaven or hell. It proves that it is not God who makes people miserable or happy, but it is due to their own previous acts and due to the actions of their parents that they are born happy or miserable.

Parents have been addressed in Veda to take some precautions, like take advised food before the mother conceives and later resolve to have a devotee and strong child. The mother of Lord Ram used to perform Agnihom (sort of prayer with fire and other sacred materials) during her pregnancy and later used to pray. 'O Lord! You please emerge from my womb and provide happiness to India and all miserables. You please make India free from extremists. You please make all people behave politely to each other. In nut shell it was the prayers of Sh. Ram's mother that led to the incarnation of Lord Ram. Just like Lord Ram's mother, Devki-Vasudev also used to want the incarnation of God to take place out of Devki's womb and open the doors of liberation for the world. And it happened exactly like this. Lord Krishna's discourse in Geeta (discourse by Lord Krishna to Arjuna during Mahabharata) is same for all sections of society.

One sage, when his wife conceived, started to make her listen to speeches of gods, Veda-mantra (sacred syllable) and the stories of Shastrarth (sort of debate between two scholars on sacred scriptures). At this stage, the sage's son who was in his mother's womb started pointing out his father's mistakes in pronunciation. This made the sage angry. The sage attacked his son by hitting his wife. This resulted in the sage's son being born with eight curves on his body. He was named Ashtavakra (one who has eight curves on his body). He was a great soul, scholar and knowledgeable. One day he happened to be in the court of king Janaka (father in law of Lord Ram). His appearance, being abnormal, was very poor. This made the entire parliament including Janaka laugh. This response of the parliament made Ashtavakra to let out a thunder laugh. Being surprised at this behavior of Ashtavakra, the parliament including Janaka asked Ashtavakra the reason for laughing so loudly. Ashtavakra replied, 'I had heard that Janaka and his wise people judge the scholars. But here I see they are slaughterers and skin traders, who judge the bones and skins'. Upon hearing these remarks from Ashtavakra, Janaka and his men were ashamed. All of them including Janaka requested Ashtavakra with their folded hands to accept a seat (asana). Now it has been proven that Ashtavakra was honoured due to the discourses, his father delivered to his mother and was insulted due to his father's attack on his mother for applying his leg. It was not because of God that Ashtavakra was so poor in appearance and was such a great scholar, but it was all because of his father's actions which lead him to be scholar and poor in appearance. This is exactly how the children have to enjoy the actions of their parents and parents have to enjoy the actions of their children.

It is written in Upanishads (sub sections of Veda-the ancient Hindu sacred literature) that human beings according to their resolve can give birth to a child having qualities as desired by them. If they resolve to have a good scholar child, then along with praying to God, the mother should take rice and kheer (sweet dish made of milk, rice and sugar) with butter as her food. It has been described in Eitareyopnishad (name of one Upanishad out of total 360) that whatever food and water is taken by the father, is transformed in semen. Being in the semen of father is the first birth of an individual soul. Being placed in the mother's womb in the form of semen when a mother conceives is known to be the second birth of an individual soul and to come out of mother's womb is known as the third birth. The build-up of a child resembles that of his father. It is told that when the semen of a man is seen with the help of a microscope, full shape (form) of the man is found there. The body of an individual soul is shaped with whatever food the woman takes during her pregnancy. Till many generations pass, one is known as being the son and grandson of a particular person. One resembles to one's parents after being born, but watching or meditating upon someone else can change the looks as well. An English lady who was pregnant had one photograph of a black man in her room which she used to see and meditate upon repeatedly. When she delivered a child, it was black. This made the English society amazed. They started believing the Hindu philosophy of changed looks of a newly born child if the mother watches and meditates upon the picture of some other person. As we all know Kansa (maternal uncle of Lord Krishna) was born when the wife of Ugrasen (father of Kansa) saw some demon during her pregnancy. That is why a great care should be taken of a pregnant woman. She should watch and meditate upon the photograph of her husband. She should watch her own face in a mirror. Idols of incarnations like Ram-Krishna etc, gods, seers and saints should be meditated upon by a pregnant woman. She should listen to the life stories of them. She should try to take rice, milk, fruits, kheer and brahmi, vanshlochan, jotishmati, giloy (all four being the herbals), butter of cow and honey. It is the duty of the husband of a pregnant lady that she should never be sad, depressed and irritated. She should not be allowed being with prostitutes. She should be kept in a good and peaceful environment. She must reside in an open and airy house. She should be visiting the gardens, orchids and forests. She should be accompanied to great saints and seers. All her desires and needs must be taken care of. It is not advisable to borrow money, but if it is needed, all the good desires of a pregnant lady must be fulfilled with the borrowed money. If these precautions are taken care, no doubt that the born child would have knowledge, patience and would be very mighty and good looking.

When the mother of Abhimanyu (son of Arjun) was pregnant, Arjuna made her listen to the story of breaking the Chakravyuh (a typical formation during the ancient wars). At the age of sixteen Abhimanyu knew how to break the Chakravyuh and succeeded in breaking it. Similarly the pregnant mothers of Aalha-Oodal and Bonapaart used to supply water to the warriors during war time. These ladies used to see the war and listen to the stories of war every time. This made Aalha-Oodal and Bonapaart great warriors and they kept fighting for whole of their life.

Now with the above facts it is proven that it is due to parents that makes a child miserable or happy. God is not there to make us miserable or happy. He is above all this. He is the creator of this universe. He shows the way to get rid of all these miseries. Now regarding different types of social classes, these are also not classified by God; rather these are the results of our bad social arrangements. God is there to make us knowledgeable and make us liberated.

The Knowledge Illustrated Through Metaphors

हिंदी में भी देखें

[Maharajji used to employ myriad metaphors as part of his teachings. We attempt to present some of these to our readers. Kindly try to incorporate these teachings in your life. But remember that these metaphors should not be spun to legitimize any prohibited actions. So with these thoughts let us read some metaphors provided by Maharajji.]

1. Just as objects made out of sand by children continue to be sand in essence and merge back into sand upon being destroyed, so is the nature of this (illusory) world that originates from Brahman, exists as Brahman and merges back into Brahman.

2. Just as the essence of ornaments made out of gold continues to be gold and these ornaments melt back into gold upon destruction, so are all animate as well as inanimate beings in this world as they are made from Brahman and merge back into Brahman upon destruction.

3. Just as earthen vessels merge back into the earth, so are all animate and inanimate beings made from Brahman and merge back into the Brahman.

4. Just as ice, fog and snowfall are different form of water, and just as all these forms merge back into water, so is this world a transformed state of Brahman. Brahman manifests itself in myriad forms in this world and upon its end this world merges back into Brahman.

5. Toys made out of sugar and khand (a sweet dish prepared during deepavali) appear to have the form of animals like elephant, horse, cow etc. Just as this form is merely an illusion and their reality continues to be sugar, so are all animate and inanimate beings as well as objects in this illusory world & the only reality is Brahman. Brahman is the only entity that truly exists and from which this entire universe has arisen.

6. Just as there isn't any difference in the reflection cast by the Sun in gangajal (water from the holy Ganges) or in a demon's water, so does not exist any difference in the atman present in different human beings.

7. Just as the sky (air) in a golden as well as in an earthen vessel is identical, so does not exist any difference in the atman present in different human beings.

8. Just as the sun's reflection can be clearly observed in a dirty mirror upon cleaning its dirt, so is God's reflection clearly observed in atman when its dirt in the form of ignorance is cleared.

9. Just as a rope can be mistaken for a snake due to lack of knowledge and just as the existence of the rope can be observed upon removal of this ignorance, so is the knowledge that Brahman is the true existent entity in this world revealed upon the removal of ignorance.

10. Just as waves in an ocean appear different but all constitute of the same body of water, so are different human beings just waves in the ocean of Brahman. Similarly, just as the waves are untrue (asat) while the ocean is the true existent entity (sat), so are the variety of things that are observed in this world merely waves in the ocean of Brahman. As a result they are untrue (asat), while Brahman is the true existent entity (sat).

The Discourses Through Letters written By Shri Maharajji

हिंदी में भी देखें

Some times Shri Maharajji would love to wander out of the ashram for some days, but during this period He used to write letters to the residents of the ashram. We are producing the extracts from such letters here. These include some very inspiring discourses.

1. Always follow the things which are good for your well being & progress.

2. Always remain involved in performing deeds that lead you to God.

3. Always remain involved in serving cows, growing trees & remembering God.

4. Surrender all your deeds to God.

5. Hindus, Muslims, Christians & all others have emerged from that one God.

6. All belong to you & you belong to all. Treat every one in this manner.

7. We have emerged from God & will merge back into Him.

8. In fact it is that God everywhere, who is ultimate. We should fully surrender ourselves to Him.

9. There is nothing else in this creation except that one God.

10. The essence of all the earthen vessels shall always remain earth. In the same way the essence of Hindus, Muslims, and Christians including the entire universe is that one almighty God.

11. We are thankful to the supreme Lord & bow to Him with every single cell of our blood.

12. Every single cell of this universe is also bowing to His feet.

13. I belong to the supreme God; all other relations are untrue. One should believe this.

14. You are lost & bound in your identity, not recognizing your true self, which is the Supreme God.

15. All of you shall be enlightened & liberated some day, and consequently you shall realize the myth of difference existing in this creation.

16. As a mirror reflects your face, you should also see yourself in all other beings.

17. Whenever you serve drinking water, resolve that who ever drinks this water shall have each & every cell of his body filled with love for God.

18. The food should be cooked and served with the same resolution as in the case of drinking water, the human beings, thus fed, shall benefit in a big way.

19. Similarly, when you plant seeds, you should resolve to be blessed by Lord Shiva.

20. Whenever a mother conceives, she should resolve to have a great devotee of God.

21. Your each & every act should be surrendered to God. Live for God & get eliminated for God.

22. The supreme Lord is compassionate & forgiving, you should also follow Him.

23. You should wish the same for others what you wish for yourself.

24. If you greet others with love, they will reciprocate in the same manner.

25. Like an echo of a well, what you give others,the same you get back.

26. If you call some one with honour, you shall be called with the same honour.

27. If you protect others, they will protect you. If you hurt others, they will also hurt you.

28. In earlier times the priests in India used to hurt the untouchables, this made them full of revenge. As a result these untouchables took birth in Ghazani along with the fire of revenge towards the priests & eventually they took their revenge by hurting the priests here in India.

29. That is why it is said that your own deeds make you happy or miserable.

30. That is why you should love all. Love reflects the God. Love is also a path to God.

31. Reflect your good thoughts not only through your speech but through your deeds as well.

32. Always believe in God as He is your power & hope. He is helping & protecting you.

33. If you remember God for a moment, He will remember you for many moments as He had remembered Bhishma during Mahabharata.

34. Surrender the flowers of your life in the honour of God who is present in your heart.

35. Always make your creed-caste, family and village famous with your good deeds.

36. Serving parents & obeying them is God, take it like this.

37. Always hold on to your religion & never convert to any other religion.

38. Don’t hesitate to put your life at stake when it comes to your dynasty.

39. Love is the ultimate power; it can’t be useless at any point in time. When love emerges inside you, nobody can stop your power from growing.

40. Try to observe my feelings in your mind as these can be expressed neither through conversation nor through letters.

Hail Satchidanand Sanatan Brahman with love