Following is Gayatri Mantra with meaning along with a beautiful prayer based on Gayatri. Shri Maharajji blessed the devotees with a simple and effective meaning of Gayatri Mantra along with a prayer based on Gayatri Mantra. This can be downloaded and read as well.

Download the Gayatri in English and in Hindi.

Following is the Gayatri Mantra along with meaning and Gayatri based prayer for reading.


हिंदी में भी देखें

OM Bhur Bhuvah Svah, Tatsaviturvarenyam, Bhargo Devasy DhI Mahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat OM.


OM - The Omnipresent

BHUH - The Impeller of All Existence

BHUVAH - The Consciousness

SVAH - The Embodiment of All Happiness

TAT - That Supreme God

SAVITUH - The Creator of Existing Universe

VARENYAM - The Very Best Of All

BHARGO - The Purifier

DEVASYA - The Provider of All Types of Prosperity

DHEEMAHI - We Meditate, We Pray

DHIYAH - The Wisdom

YAH - That God

NAH - Our

PRACHODAYAAT - Please Guide & Inspire Us To Follow The Path Of Truth & Good Character & Please Keep Us Away From The Path Of Unrighteousness & Bad Character.


He is diversely omnipresent through out the world. He is the Impeller of all existence. He is the creator of this world. All types of fame & prosperity are blessed by him. He is the embodiment of all happiness. He is the best of all. He is the purifier & is the pure consciousness. We meditate upon that Supreme God. We pray him to guide & inspire us to follow the path of truth & good character. We also pray him to keep us away from the path of wrong doings & bad character. Because nobody is equal to him and nobody is higher than him. He is our father, king and Justice provider.


O! God you are effulgent self and you are full of light. O! God you are the provider of knowledge and happiness. O! God it's you who make us victorious. O! God you are worth meditating and worth praying. You are the creator, protector, destroyer and inspiration of this entire universe. You are the embodiment of knowledge and happiness. We meditate upon you. We wish to have all your qualities in us and we want to merge with you. We wish to believe that we are like you and you are like us. Keeping this thought of oneness, we meditate upon you. You please purify our intelligence and guide it to the path of truth and good deeds. We wish to have true devotion and love for you. We wish to consider every living being as our own self. We wish that all our enemies like lust, anger; greed and attachment within us and those who are creating hurdles in our spiritual progress externally be eliminated so that we can achieve you happily. We repeatedly bow to you with sense of gratitude. You please protect us. You are the only protector of us.

Sh. Maharajji used to ask every one to chant Gayatri Mantra. During the last days of His physical body, He used to bless the seekers with Gayatri Mantra as Guru Mantra.