Shri Maharaj Ji had a strong longing towards Mother India. He was very much concerned about India. Once around 1930 Shri Maharaj ji was in Kashmir. Devotees used to pay regular visits in His Kashmir satsang. On one such occasion Shri Maharajji warned the devotees about the possible Muslim revolt in Kashmir. Shri Maharajji also advised them to make more Hindus and Sikhs to get settled in Kashmir. But people in the satsang told Shri Maharaj ji that Maharaja of Kashmir had meetings only with Britishers and Khalifs. Unfortunately an year later Muslims revolted in Kashmir and at that time Maharaja himself had to fight it out.

Once near the Ashram in Rampura there happened to be a plane crash. Some Brahmacharis too visited that site of crash. The pilot of the plane was a Britisher. Brahmachari Keshav Dev was also standing nereby the crashed plane, at the same time that Britisher hit Keshav Dev with his leg. When Shri Maharaj ji came to know about this incident, He became very upset. That night Shri Maharaj ji was not sleeping till late and when He was asked about by a brahmachari, He replied that He was more upset due to non revenging attitude of those Indians towards the british pilot, who infact insulted mother India and not Keshav Dev alone.

Once the Prince of Wales was stopping over at Delhi on his visit to India, and the British Government was busy in trying to accord him a welcome on big scale. The than British govt planned a big scale conversion of Indian Dalit Hindus to Christianity. The grand occasion to facilitate Prince of Wales was organised in old fort of Delhi. Shri Maharajji also came to know about this grand scale conversion. He got his Brahmachari disciples to learn a Bhajan written by Him and sent them with some students of the school in Ashram to the function in Delhi. A lot of difficulties encountered by this group to reach the venue in Delhi's old fort. But at last by the grace of Shri Maharajji they reached and sung that Bhajan and the whole grand show miserably got failed. Nobody converted to Christianity.

Similarly in another incident once a cow from the Ashram was taken away to slaughter by some Muslims of a nearby village. This made Shri Maharaj ji very upset and He ordered Rao Sahab to finish off the entire village. At that time Rao Sahab didn't obey Shri Maharaj ji, but later during the riots of 1947 this village was completely finished off.