Following is the Prayer discoursed by Shri Maharajji. Shri Maharajji would ask the devotees to chant this prayer four times in a day. The timings of chanting advised by Shri Maharajji are dawn, noon, dusk and mid of night. But the devotees can decide the timings as per their own convenience and should try to chant this prayer at least once in a day if not four times. This can be downloaded and read as well.

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Following is the Prayer for reading.


हिंदी में भी देखें

OM Bhur Bhuvah Svah, Tatsaviturvarenyam, Bhargo Devasy DhI Mahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat OM.

OM Yattejah Saviturdevasy Varenyam Tadupasmahe, Tattejoasmakam Buddhih Shreyaskareshu Niyojayet.

Oh God! You are the effulgent self and you are full of light. Oh God! You are the provider of knowledge and happiness. Oh God! It's you who makes us victorious. Oh God! You are worth meditating and praying to. You are the creator, protector, destroyer and the inspiration of this entire universe. You are the embodiment of knowledge and happiness. We meditate upon you. We wish to have all your qualities in us and we want to merge in you. We wish to believe that we are like you and you are like us. Keeping this thought of oneness, we meditate upon you. You please purify our intellects and guide us to the path of truth and good deeds. We wish to have true devotion and love for you. We wish to consider every living being as our own self. We wish that all our enemies like lust, anger, greed and attachment within us and those who are creating hurdles externally in our merger with you be eliminated so that we can realise you happily. We repeatedly bow to you with a sense of gratitude. Please protect us. You are our only protector.

Oh God! It's only you who is our protector, helper and inspiration. We wish we love only you, we keep bowing with gratitude in your feet and we seek only your help. Oh my self-lord! You have been forgiving and kind to all of us endlessly. Oh my lord you are compassionate, no one else except you is there to accept us as a refugee. Only you are our base. Oh my lord! We bow to your feet repeatedly. It's only you who is our support and who is concerned about our well being. It's only you who makes us strong to fulfil the vows undertaken by us. Oh infinite, unlimited, light-self and pure effulgent-self God! You please make us realise you through the best possible path. You are our only leader, guide and driver who can make us proceed on the path of truth. Oh Lord! Only you know our inner-self, so please inspire our inner-self to proceed on that path of your's which has been followed by your devotees, the great saints and sages, who have successfully realised you. Oh my all mighty Lord! You please protect us from following that path which has been followed by all those who don't believe in you. We also pray my Lord that we should never be left divested of your pleasure. Oh Lord! You are our friend who inspires our inner-self, so please protect us as we have come to your refuge. Oh the base of this entire universe! Please bless us with the intellect which is full of faith towards you. Please also make us such egoists that we call you our self, resolve only about you and generate thoughts only about you in our minds. May our eyes and hearts always remain open and controlled by only you. We further pray to you that all our deeds and thoughts be surrendered to your feet. We also pray that our thoughts be great, magnanimous and deep in nature. We further wish to be blessed with the intellect which could consider all other beings as our own self. Good for others is also good for us; we may think like this. We wish to work for the well being of others and towards your devotion throughout our life, Oh Lord! Thus we wish to live a successful life and finally want to become eligible to sit by your holy feet. Oh the God of all miserables! Please bless us with such an intellect, that we serve the poor and miserable people with our hearts. We wish to love our lives which are there for your love and devotion. Oh Lord! We pray you to bless us so that we could spend our lives happily even while suffering miserably. Oh Lord! Nobody has been left without your blessings; you have been equally kind to the entire universe. Oh my Lord! It is only you who is also known by names like Ram, Krishna and many others. Finally we pray to develop true love and devotion towards you. We wish to fulfil only your wishes and we further wish to spend our time in glorifying the devotion for you, and we wish to see your power to rule everywhere in this universe. We dedicate our infinite thanks to your holy feet and wish to have your blessings upon us. Om Shankarotu Shankarah.

Om yat jagrato dUrmudaIti devam tadusuptasya tathaIveti.
dUrangman jyotishAm jyotirekam tanme manah shivsankalpamastu.

I pray Lord Shiva to make that mind of mine purely-resolved, which wanders anywhere around the world within a moment, both in waking and dreaming states, and is also the effulgent self of all human beings.

Om yen karmaanyapasho manishiNo yajne Krinvanti Viditheshu DhIrah.
YatpUrvam Yakshamantah Prajanaam tanme manah shivsankalpamastu.

I pray Lord Shiva to make that mind of mine purely-resolved, which is all pervading and is used by the intellectuals, philosophers, respected people and by all those who wonder.

Om yatpragyaanmut chetodhritishchayjjyotirantarmritam prijaasu.
yasmaan rite kinchankarmakriyate tanme manah shiv sankalpamastu.

I pray Lord Shiva to make that mind of mine purely-resolved, which is the immortal inner-self of all the human beings and resides within all of them in the form of intellect and patience, and also without which no deed is possible to perform.

Om yenedam bhUtam bhuvanam bhavishyatparigrihItammriten sarvam.
yen yagyatsayate saptahota tanme manah shiv sankalpamastu.

I pray Lord Shiva to make that mind of mine purely-resolved, which can come to know about past, present and future in a moment, which is also the instrumental in elimination of seven sensual pleasures.

Om yesminnrichah sAmyanjupiyasminpratishthitArathanAbhAvivArAh.
yasmishchittagvamsarvamotamprajAnAm tanme manah shiv sankalpamastu.

I pray Lord Shiva to make that mind of mine purely-resolved, which has Rhigveda, SAmveda, Yajurveda and Atharveda right in the manner as the spokes of a wheel are placed collectively in the centre of it and which also has the knowledge about materialistic world and ultimate truth in it.

Om sushaArathirashvAniv yanmanushyAnnenIyateabhIshubhirvAjina iva.
Hritpratishtham yadajiram javishtham tanme manah shiv sankalpamastu.

I pray Lord Shiva to make that mind of mine purely-resolved, which inspires all the living beings the way a capable chariot driver controls the horses, which can also roam around very fast. It resides in the hearts of all the living beings and is unfazed by death and misery.

Shri gurum Parmanandam vande svAnandvigraham, yasy sAnidhya mAtren chidAnandAyate tanuh. Gurur BrahmA gurur vishnu gurur devo maheshvarah, gurur sAkshat parabrahman tasmai shri gurve namah. agyAnantimirAndhasya gyAnAnjanshalAkayA, chakshurunmIltamyen tasmai shri gurve namah. yatsatyen jagatsatyam yatprakAshen bhAti yat, yadAnanden nandanti tasmai shri gurave namah. akhandamandalAkAram vyAptam yen charAcharam tadpadam darshitam yen tasmai shri gurave namah. dhyAnmUlam gurormUrti pUjAmUlam gurorpadam, mantra mUlam gurorvAkyam moksha mUlam gurorkripA.

om niranjanam dukh bhanjanam rarankAr omkAr, satya purush soham tUhI alakham sarvAdhAr. om niranjan rarankAr prabhu, soham satya nAm kartAr. achyut guru govind dAtAr, paramAnand rUp nirAdhAr. ek akhand gyAn bhandAr, tumharI jyoti kA ujiyAr. main-main-main pan sarvAdhAr, neti-neti kahe ved uchAr. ek Atma aparampAr, shankar Brahman sarv ko sAr. oat-proat sab mein nirankAr, jIvan prAn Ap onkAr. harinArAyan agni tAr, dev-dev main karahU pukAr, krishnAchalham gaud hUphat allah sarv pasAr. vinavon tumko bArambAr, prItam pyAr karo uddhAr. tadvana ganapati nayana majhAr, hove anant tumhen namaskAr.

Har Har Maha de..e..e...v. Hail Shri Sadguru dev.